Canadian Goose

Canadian Goose

Summertime in Hartsville, SC. While I was visiting my dear friend, Marta Matray (Ceramic Artist Extra ordinaire) and her son Peter Joseph GLoviczki (Communications Phd, professor at Coker College) I took this photograph of this lovely creature.

Marta, originally from Hungary, once a professional actress, lived once in Rochester, MN. This is where we became instant friends. She and I both share a love of clay. She embraced me and helped me to adjust to my new setting.

She began conversing with these geese, “Do you remember me?” From Silver Lake.

Silver Lake is a Lake in Rochester, MN. It remains warm in the winter due to some piping thing. So when the rest of Rochester is under 17 feet of snow, Spring lake is home to many hundreds maybe thousands of these beautiful creatures. You will be fined is you accidentally run one of them over. It is not hard to do because they are every where. Ha

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