hand sketch

hand sketch

Sometimes, when I sortof like motherhood has left my brain feeling cobwebby, I take out a pencil and draw my hand. It is an awkward sketch. It is gratifying though to create an image. I don’t know, maybe a feeling of accomplishment, as small as it seems. Sometimes raising children, leaves me at the end of the day, wondering… “Did I even matter today?” It is easy to feel as though I am a place holder. Mother-hood is often thankless. Patience…. I say, “It is the most rewarding job to me.” Even though at times, I feel invisible. Sort-of like air is invisible. Without it we would be out of luck. Without Mothers, we would well we would be not born. 🙂 Be nice to Moms. If they are nursing in public, I encourage them. I always like to give mothers of young children a compliment. It is a busy physically, and mentally demanding post. GO Mom’s. And of course, GO Dads. We are raising our future.

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