King Petar I Karadjordjevic house, exhibition “12 rooms 12 sculptors”

Love this Man’s work.

Gavrilovic Art

image ©boris mrdja

Art Market Project  main goal is to open the Serbian contemporary art scene to the works of talented artists, painters & sculptors from Belgrade and Serbia.
Art Market provides an opportunity to a vast number of artists  to exhibit their works and directly contact art lovers, buyers and art dealers.
The exhibitions will be set up in the Memorial House of King Peter I Karadjordjević, in 40 Vase Pelagića streeet,  Senjak -Belgrade, in the house which is considered to be a part of Belgrade and Serbian historic heritage and which has been adapted to host different events, thanks to the Municipality of Savski venac.
SCASAs ( Serbian contemporary art support association) in cooperation with the Municipality of Savski venac is the exhibition organizer. This exhibition will cover works of 12 different  artists and each of them will have his/her own room in one of 12 rooms of…

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