Currently, I am living on Hilton Head  Island, off the Coast of South Carolina.  I am married to a truly great man and I have two kids who amaze me on a regular basis.

After graduating college #1 (University of Kentucky, BS Biology), getting married to Luca, graduating from college #2 (University of Toledo, BFA Ceramics), giving birth to two boys, and finally settling down, I am able to focus some time and energy on my craft.     I was born in Northern California,  then  moved to Colorado, Australia, Kentucky, Ohio, Minnesota, Ohio (again) and finally I have landed on Hilton Head.

I have recently opened a Gallery on the Island.  I have been faced with many learning curves, each of which has added character marks to my spirit.  Like a  Silver Patina on bronze, a little opacifier  is good for my translucent spirit’s protection.

After setting up shop with a few of my good friends, I have been able to return to my work.  I have recently  been most interested in the MANDALA and  plan to publish a book in the next couple of Months.  Maybe I will call it.  Mandala, the art of the soul…. I don’t know yet.  It will be for all ages; and I will use the images that I have posted on this site.  I believe that the mandala can help  teach us about ourselves, our methods, our thoughts, and our passions.  They  help me unlock my creative spirit.

Yes, Moodling.  Though  this play, I relax and my ideas flow easily.  It is the  art of distraction.  How do I solve my problem?  I choose to ask for help, let it go, and distract myself until  a solution is revealed.  This is not meant to be mistaken for DENIAL.  Mandala creation abolishes the nasty WORRIER!

I work in several Media which I will post as I continue to blog.  I create large clay screaming baby heads, translucent porcelain wheel thrown functional ware, terracotta planters, Mandalas on paper, and graphite portraits.  Currently, I am designing ways to use the translucent porcelain as chandelier, and pendant lighting.  I write stories in order to express the oddities that I encounter.  When my personal experience, brings an emotion to the surface, I usually ask the pen to put to paper, the story.

I wander around as we all do,  I make mistakes and have successes.  When something rings true to me, I embrace it.  Sometimes, I am right, and others I am wrong.  I am getting better with age.


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